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If you are asking to yourself "When I'm buying or downloading an original Passione Ricamo Chart what I 've really bought?" ( the following rules are the same for all the original cross stitch chart in the world protected by copyright)

You have purchased the right to limited use of the original paper chart pack you have bought or downloaded in the free section. You do not own the pattern itself or any rights to same. The designer listed on the pattern retains sole ownership of the pattern. Your right to the pattern is restricted to use for your personal production of a stitched cross stitch piece . You do not have the right to commercially or personally distribute the pattern, or incorporate the pattern into a derivative design to be published. Electronic or mechanical reproduction of this pattern, except for your own personal use, is strictly prohibited under Italy and International copyright laws. If you violate the terms of this license, you shall hold me harmless from all claims, demands, damages, costs and expenses which result from such improper use.

About my Cross Stitch original Design on sales : You can buy on or more original chart for your personal use, for stitch or collect them, but you can't, because it is illegal,redistribuite, sell or give away any reproduction of the original char, rechart, modity, kit or reproduce these original charts, instructions or color labels, in any manner, including but non limited to photocopying, printing on paper or any electronic reproduction method, including scanning, and posting to the internet.

About my Free Charts:
All the free charts  in the freebie section were  designed by me, Laura G. Lattuada :feel free to download one copy of each chart and stitch them BUT you may NOT be kitted or sold or post by email into the WEB my freebie.These designs are for hand stitching only.!  Free doesn't mean that you can sell the patterns to make money. You can't do this.  I still own the copyright for these designs and I reserve all rights to them, including the right to license them for other uses.   In a very simply words, you can't make money from my work if I don't make money from my work.
If you desire share my free charts with friends, please tell them to visit my HP to

None of these designs can be reproduced in any form, electroninc including , kitted or sold as a kit or charthpack without the prior written permission of Passione Ricamo .

Don't link to my charts directly, using my server!

Anyway if you drop me a line previously, you are welcome ad free to show your stitched freebie on your homepage


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