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E’ serevamente vietato , pena sanzioni per violazione di Copyright, fotocopiare e/o rivendere il presente schema. Sono inoltre vietate ed illegali la modifica anche parziale, la riproduzione ed il plagio delle istruzioni interne dello schema, la riproduzione elettronica in qualsiasi maniera compreso lo scanning,ed il tentativo di mailing tramite web.Ogni trasgressione verrą punita secondo i termini di legge.


May not copy or sales! It is illegal to rechart, modity, kit or reproduce this chart, instructions or color labels, in any manner, including but non limited to photocopying, printing on paper or any electronic reproduction method, including scanning, and posting to the internet. It is illegal to redistribuite, sell or give away ani reproduction of the original chart, instruction and color images in any manner


Warranty :
All the free charts were  designed by me  , Laura G.Lattuada :feel free to download one copy of each chart and stitch them BUT you
may NOT be kitted or sold my freebie.
If you desire share my free charts with friends, please tell them to visit my HP to

None of these designs can be reproduced or distributed in any form without the prior written permission of Passione Ricamo .

Anyway if you drop me a line previously, you are welcome ad free to show your stitched freebie on your homepage

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